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About us

Easom Rigging and Racing is the premier yacht rigging company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have several decades of experience working on boats of all shapes and sizes, from lasers to canting-keel 90-foot maxis.

No matter what the project, we bring our expertise to provide you with elegant, innovative solutions to common yacht problems.

Meet our crew

Scott Easom


Leslie Easom

Office manager


Rigging specialist


Rigging specialist

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Our Partners

We have a history of working very closely with the sailmaking industry. Understanding sail design and construction has enhanced our ability to match line type and hardware to the different sail styles, allowing our customers to maximize their investment. We have been North Sails distributors since 1979. We were instrumental in the development of the 3DL product in the early 90’s. We also distribute Quantum and Doyle sails. Each sailmaker has a unique position in the market depending

on the use.

We were the first rigging company, west of the east coast, to embrace and adopt modern standing rigging fibers. We have been a Future Fibres dealer for over fifteen years. We are the largest supplier of Future Fibre products in the west.

We use Marlow Ropes. Marlow’s custom grand prix products  dovetail perfectly with Easom’s custom solutions. Marlow creates our custom E-Tech line, exclusive to Easom Racing and Rigging.

Learn more about the crew

Grew up sailing on Western Lake Erie. As a teen started sailing competitively at the club level. With an interest in learning more about the sport started hanging around the local loft (Skip Dieball-Dieball Sailing) as a nipper, learning by watching and helping out where I could. Soon began sailing with the loft owner's sailing teams and traveled around the country competing in one design. In 2010 moved to Nevada to work at North Sails Superyacht and One Design/Grand Prix finishing floor. After spending a year managing the floor, an opportunity to manage a Bay Area loft came in 2012. Quantum San Francisco provided years of customer service and the opportunity to sail and work in one of the most pristine environments in yachting. Having reached the full potential sailmaking had to offer joined the team at Easom Racing and Rigging in 2015. Looking to expand on a quiver of assets by learning from Scott, and to bring sailors a better overall experience on the water by combining rigging and sailmaking technology. Looking forward to helping many continued and new clients get "Easomized"!

I've done a one on one four year apprenticeship with Jim Plumley at JP Boatworks. Following that I spent six years as a cruising boat rigger at South Beach Riggers.  I've since moved to Easom Racing and Rigging to be amidst the latest developments and sailboat rigging.  I currently spend time racing on various boats and am preparing for a world cruise with my wife on our Shannon 28.

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